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ASUS is a leading IT brand originated from Taiwan. It launched the world’s first-ever 4GB RAM mobile – Zenfone 2 in 2015. E's Concept was appointed as PR agency to work out a through-the-line promotion to build up awareness.​

ASUS Zenfone2
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 Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management 

The IT market was very competitive, so we have developed a multi-faceted and an online-driven campaign to bombard and get reach of different target groups. An official press conference together with consumer experience event with over 500 attendees was held to introduce the new product.


Also, considering one of the key features of Zenfone 2 was “Low Light Mode”, which was the unique selling point of the product, we had created a viral video by leveraging on this special function. We have lined up Law Lan Jei (羅蘭姐) as the leading role of the viral video to create a surprise effect and a sharp contrast for an elderly to promote advanced technology. Also, Law Lan Jei owned a famous scary character “龍婆”, and since “龍婆” was keen to appear in super dark area. We believed the龍婆 association of Law Lan Jie can help reinforce the outstanding performance of Zenfone 2 in a dark area. We have also re-packaged the “Low Light Mode” as “龍婆Mode” to promote the “Low Light Mode” and create noise. The video was released and aired by two episodes to sustain the awareness with the support as  “捕獲野生龍婆” Facebook giveaway game to create excitement and engage the potential customers.


An O2O (online to offline) strategy was applied to prolong the attention towards the campaign. A 4-week in-store roadshow was held to draw traffic from online to store level. Meanwhile, a promotion truck was specially designed playing with the viral video scene and inviting consumers to experience the “Low Light Mode” to expand the touch points.


Jam Hsiao, ASUS’ ambassador was invited to fly to Hong Kong and attend a consumer engagement event in Tsuen Wan Plaza as a finale. Both ASUS consumers, local media and Jam’s fans club were invited to join the event, which successfully generated another wave of publicity and created the climax for the campaign.


After a four-month intensive campaign, it has been the top of the keyword search in google trend status when compared with other competitors. Over 200,000 views and near 3,000 engagements were generated from two episodes of the viral video at online level. While 108 clippings from print, online and social media were generated with the advertising value equivalent to HK$6,277,303.



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