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ASUS, the leading Taiwan IT brand, had launched ZenFone 2, the world’s first-ever 4GB RAM mobile in 2015. ZenFone 3 series succeeded to catch the eyeball in Sept 2016. With its stunning look, premium build and intelligent camera, ZenFone 3 gained a competitive advantage over others. E’s Concept was appointed as the agency to build public awareness towards the grand launch through a series of online promotions.

ASUS Zenfone3
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Concept Development | Event Management | Digital Marketing

Given the successful formula for the launch of ZenFone2, we worked with the client to create another bombshell as the key communication strategy for the campaign. We invited a classic Boy band – SHINE to be the spokesperson and created an analogy that ZonFone 3 was a combination of SHINE. A communication platform “炫美合體” was also derived from this concept and it was appeared in all the promotional materials.


Considering the target audiences were aged 18-35, we employed the mobile-first strategy and developed a tailor-made love story blended in the product features of ZenFone3. The viral video featured a girl who wanted to do a DIY cake for her boyfriend while the boy band of SHINE played an analogy role of ZonFone 3. SHINE used themselves to illustrate different features from ZonFone 3 to coach the girl on the making of process. The video ended with the platform of 炫美合體 was shared through PR and social media channels. Agency also created a series of facebook photo posts and tag on the product’s key features to engage the target audiences.


Gamification marketing strategy was adapted to build up the engagement and sustain the awareness in the second stage. We organized an online lucky draw to invite Shine and ZenFone fans to share the product message and tag friends to enjoy the viral effects.


With the surprise of SHINE’s re-group and strategic online support, the video went viral at the social media channel, which generated over 500,000 views. There was an increment of 30% in the sales volume when compared with ZenFone 2 series, which proved that our campaign has drew traffic successfully from online to offline and generated leads.


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