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Autotoll Limited first started out as an electronic toll collection service and equipment provider in 1998. It is now the leading intelligent transport and logistics management solutions provider, aims to provide quality intelligent transport and logistics services in the most professional, efficient and market-driven manner, contributing to the safety, convenience and efficiency of transport and logistics management systems.

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Media Placement | Event Management | Celebrity Management | Viral Video Production

Derived from the strategy to create a customer centric campaign, we have created a series of strategic promotional channels to promote the new tag design, including tram advertising, online and KOL promotion, leaflets, etc. to create awareness and attract the different group of potential customers. At the same time, we also leveraged on the flexibility of promotional van to get reach of target audience at street level. We have adapted a bright colour on the van to make it stand out from other vehicles alongside with a spectacular new tag lightbox, which clearly illustrated its simple and chic design. We strategically checked the largest parking meters in Hong Kong and identified top 10 spots with highest traffic for private cars. During the weekend and public holidays, we visited these parking meters and arranged promoters to do the person-to-person selling with those non-Autotoll car drivers with an exclusive offer to urge them to take impulse action.

Shopping mall is one of primary destinations for leisure time in Hong Kong. Also, under a  relaxed and cozy environment, people are more willing to receive promotional offers. Hence, we have strategically set-up a promotional booth targeting those private car drivers who are families with kids or couples. Since these two groups of target audiences were more willing to spend time to learn more about the service and offer, we have set up a promotional booth with promoters to do the direct selling. At the same time, we also aligned with the shopping mall to reward those drivers with high-spending to stimulate their spending and get a win-win situation.


The campaign successfully boosted up a noticeable boom in the monthly number of application during the campaign period. Our campaign started from Apr 2017 and it got a double digit upsurge compared with Apr 2016. During our campaign period held from May to Sept 2017, the acquisition has a stable increment and the overall growth for the campaign period was over 30%, which significantly demonstrated the effectiveness of our acquisition program. 


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