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K11 Musea First Ever Living Art Exhibition in HK

K11 MUSEA did a soft-launch as a new art mall in Q3 2019. The mall has designated Donut Playhouse G/F, B1 and B2 as the kids zone. K11 Musea would like to do a Christmas art campaign as an official launch of the kids zone which targets family with kids customers. They wanted the Christmas campaign to enrich the families and kids with the power of creativity, culture and innovation. They also wanted the campaign to be associated with the Donut Playhouse. E’s Concept was commissioned by K11 MUSEA to work out an artsy and distinctive Christmas concept and program plan for the official launch at kids zone.


 Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management | Weekend Dance Performance  

The name of K11 Musea is inspired by the Muses in Greek mythology. As the first Christmas campaign of the mall, a centralized theme of “Christmas Muse Garden” was developed for 2019 Christmas campaign. A unique living art installation with a series of events and programs were initiated and developed at kids zone to celebrate an art and innovative Christmas with family and kids.


First, we lined up a 13-year old child prodigy, Elisabeth Anisimow from Los Angeles, to create her signature “living painting” at the G/F of Donut Playhouse. Elisabeth was to design the first ever living art installation in HK. The installation was more than 17 meters long which was created under the theme of “Winter Muse Secret Garden”.  Her living art pieces were also showcased and displayed at B1 and B2 of Donut PlayHouse of K11 Musea. 


Second, we also curated a storyline to connect the main character of Donut Playhouse, Donut and Ah Moew, with the imaginative world created by Elizabeth Anisimow:  Donut and Ah Moew from Donut Playhouse ventured into the imaginative land through his binoculars, they met many new Christmas mystical creatures like dazzling deer with lovely ornaments, splendid bear with candy cane, elegant cat doing skating, gorgeous unicorn, & etc.


Third, we also arranged a series of living art performances featuring the art sculptures created by Elizabeth. The art sculptures engaged the shoppers with Christmas dance and Christmas tricks. A couple of art demo sessions were also arranged to let the kids to chat and create art with Elizabeth Anisimow.  


During this one-month campaign, over 80% of passer-bys and shoppers was aware of The Winter Muse Secret Garden Campaign. The campaign has successfully brought some footfalls to the kids zone of K11 Musea.  


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