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Every year, Towngas collaborates with Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, members of over 25 local organisations and volunteers from all over Hong Kong to wrap and distribute around 330,000 rice dumplings for the elderly living alone and the needy. It aims at spreading love and care, plus laughter to the community, as well as celebrating the warmth of Dragon Boat Festival with those in need.

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Concept Development | Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management 

In order to offer the public a firsthand experience on the difficulities that the visually impaired encountered in their daily life, we have organised two extraordinary rice dumpling workshops for the public in a completed darkness atmosphere. A visually impaired runner, Inti Fu, was also invited to join hands with Towngas Cooking Tutor to host this special experimental programme to reinforce the message of inclusion and harmony.


Each participant was given a pair of eye mask at the entrance so that they have to walk into the workshop area without sense of sight. A series of activities was then followed, which was designated to stimulate the participant’s sensory in the dark and offered participants an opportunity to apprehend the daily life of the visually impaired group.


There were a total of 153 pieces coverage generated with the advertising value equivalent to over HK$4.6 million for the campaign. It also won the silver award of The Best Experiential PR Campaign and the Bronze Award of The Outstanding Creative Event at PR Awards 2016 organized by Marketing Magazine.


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