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Towngas 150th Anniversary x Brand Product Expo

Project Scope: Publicity .Event Management.Advertising.Digital Marketing.Website.Mobile App


Building on Elements’ strong reputation for infusing art into living spaces, HEARD.HK is one-of-a-kind seasonal celebration featuring a lion-dance-inspired “horse dance”. The costume used for HEARD.HK is the art-piece created by Nick Cave, the international renowned multi-media named performing artist, named “Horse soundsuit”. Made of synthetic raffia, the suit created a “Sha Sha” sound as the wearers moved their bodies and that’s why it’s named as “soundsuit”. To stage an East-meets-West dancing performance, Shing Mak, a famous local choreographer, was invited to collaborate with the US team, Nick and William, to re-choreographer the performance with Chinese elements.


There’re altogether 6 shows staged in mall and Art in MTR at designated days in 2 different scales – Full version with 18 horses and Mini Version with 8 horses.

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