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Cityplaza LIVE HAPPY Brand Relaunch 2021

Cityplaza has long embraced the concept of “LIVE HAPPY”, the mall would like to re-launch a new image of the “LIVE HAPPY” motto in 2021 so as to let customers find the simple joy of life, even in the midst of the pandemic. With considerate tips and advice, the LIVE HAPPY 2021 campaign aims to support customers in facing the ‘new normal’ while seeking new ways to find happiness and live better. Together, we can reignite the spark of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones!

Cityplaza Live Happy campaign media and KOL tour recap video
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E’s Concept Communication was invited as the agency to handle the overall promotion of LIVE HAPPY 2021 campaign, this included the on-line and off-line publicity, KOL promotion, press event arrangement, customer engagement promotion and roadshow promotion of the campaign.


Promotion of the Live Happy Installation:

With the theme of LIVE HAPPY, Cityplaza arranged a large-scale art installation in the Atrium and Centre Bridge of the mall from 9 July to 29 August 2021. In vibrant and vivid colours, the LIVE HAPPY art installations released positive energy and brought joy to everyone! We arranged preview media tours for media at feature page to visit the installation. More than 40 KOLs were also invited to participate in the preview session.


Press Event to Kick-off LIVE HAPPY Installation:

To celebrate the launch of LIVE HAPPY art installation and campaign, a press event was arranged. We invited Joyce Cheng and Endy Chow to be the special guests of the kick-off event. To echo with the LIVE HAPPY theme, both celebrities learnt laughter yoga to release positive energy to shoppers. They also introduced the first ever Laughter Gashapon in Hong Kong to shoppers. The Gashapon was filled up with all the joyful and blissful surprise for shoppers, one just needed to laugh it out to let the Gashapon to release the gift.


Roadshow to Unleash the LIVE HAPPY Essence:

We also initiated the concept of First Ever Laughter Gashapon in Hong Kong for the campaign. The Laughter Gashapon was installed inside the Moving Truck which consumers were invited to get into the truck to give a big laugh and get a surprise gift from Cityplaza. Many consumers felt surprised and joyful to see the Gashapon was controlled by their “Laugh” and “Smile”. This roadshow had really brought the brand motto of “LIVE HAPPY” to life.


A total of 438 clippings among on-line and off-line feature, lifestyle, family page and social media page were generated from the campaign with PR value equivalent to HK$ 6,950,434. In addition to this, another 152 clippings at entertainment media were generated from the kick-off media event.


The LIVE HAPPY Roadshow had successfully reinforced the brand motto of LIVE HAPPY via the Laughter Gashapon and attracted more than 300,000 passers-by during the campaign period.  


鄭欣宜在LIVE HAPPY 的快樂CHILL 放ZONE感到放鬆_3_306A7446.JPG
周國賢出席太古城中心LIVE HAPP 快樂識放活動_306A7416.JPG
306A5817 快樂購物賞_4.JPG


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