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Discovery Bay is the first-ever residential development in resort style to feature European-styled architecture and ambience in Hong Kong. It has been promoted as a must-go destination for couples and a relaxing little island for families and kids, especially for the festive season. E’s Concept has been commissioned to be the PR and event management agency for its festive campaign since 2011. We worked with Discovery Bay jointly to create a Christmas campaign, starting from concept development, decoration direction and collaboration partner to strategic publicity plan, which intended to bolster its unique European positioning.

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Concept Development | Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management 

Christmas is always the most competitive festivals in Hong Kong. Each shopping mall invested a huge amount to impress the shoppers and boost the sales. We have developed a sensational Christmas campaign leveraging on the theme of “Musical Christmas”. The overall consumer journey was developed to stimulate the overall five senses.


Sense of Sight: Two sets of giant decorations were installed upon the arrival in Discovery Bay. Inspired by the festive music of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells”, impressive lighting effect and displays with shining mirrors transported public into a magical starry sky.


Sense of Hearing: Unmissable live music performance such as LED violin solo, A Cappella choir, and a band of professional musicians using all array of instruments, event with talents were spectacled at D’Deck and DB North Plaza during the Christmas period.


Sense of Touch: Hands-on interactive playtime sessions with jamming and caroling along with the D’Deck and DB North Plaza Christmas musical entertainments for the whole family were arranged.


Sense of Smell: Public will be surrounded by Winter Snow Fragrances at DB North Plaza.


Sense of Taste: Special Christmas menu was lined up with the international restaurants at D’Deck and DB North Plaza.


To advocate the sensational journey, we have also formulated an online-driven PR strategy, which media could capture the presentation of five senses via a multi-media channels. The campaign successfully drove many on-line electronic coverages dis-regard on the remote area of Discovery Bay. As a result, near HK$3 million media coverage were generated.



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