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eBay Hong Kong has a practice to organize a special dinner party to reward all their eBay top sellers each year. The sales team at eBay would like to make use of the party to engage with top sellers from different categories, provide a special recognition on their contribution, and announce the overall theme of eBay for the coming years. E’s Concept was appointed as the event management agency of eBay Top Seller Event 2017. 

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Concept Development | Publicity | Event Management | Design and Production

eBay would like to highlight the overall corporate theme of “Accelerate” throughout the event. The chosen theme of “Accelerate” meant the dedication of eBay team to work side by side with its partners to accelerate better sales, more transactions in a speedy manner in the coming year.


We worked out the key visual of the Top Seller event leveraging on the theme of “Accelerate” with some touch of abstract cosmic figures. We identified that abstract cosmic shapes would be a way to represent the continuous technological advancement of eBay platform for faster and easier transaction to echo the theme. Besides, we also custom-made some animation effect to make the linear lines of cosmic shapes to move upward, symbolizing the commitment of eBay to drive better sales of “acceleration” in the coming year.


Various event gimmicks were used to bring out the overall theme of “Accelerate” for eBay:

  • VR car racing game at the foyer: we tried to engage the top sellers with the special VR game. Car racing game got a direct linkage with “speed” and “acceleration”, promoters were arranged to explain the game logic and eBay theme to the top sellers.

  • Light painting photo booth at the foyer: The nature of light painting required the participants to swipe the light painting bar in a speedy manner to achieve light radiation. We have dedicated a zone at the event venue to let the top sellers to do light painting with their eBay business partners. On-site photographers were arranged to capture this “acceleration” and “partnership” moment of the participants

  • Opening video of the dinner: A video animation was produced to introduce the theme of “Accelerate” to all partners at the beginning of the dinner

  • Quick-change show as kick-off performance of the dinner: A special quick costume change performance was arranged as the opening performance of the dinner. The magician used some speedy skills to change the outfits one by one instantly. This was a way to introduce the overall theme of “Accelerate” from eBay to all the partners.

  • On-stage Bingo game: We utilized a familiar bingo game to build in some pre-set animation program. MC would command the counter screen to move by using the spell of “Accelerate” each time. The animation would stopped at some words that could tie into the value of eBay services like “Best Match”, “Free shipping”, “Guaranteed Delivery”, & etc. 


eBay received many compliments from their partners to praise about the overall arrangement and program plan of Top Seller Event 2017. The event also successfully held the guests and partners till the last moment of the stage program which was different from the case from previous years where most of the partners left in the middle of the dinner.


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