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ELEMENTS is a pioneer shopping mall, which consists of art and culture, lifestyle and shopping elements. ELEMENTS would like to reinforce the luxurious lifestyle image and celebrate Christmas with an affluent group in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, ELEMENTS also pursuits to engage with consumers in the festive season so as to drive traffic to the mall.

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Concept Development | Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management 

We identified the world-renowned couture fashion doll designer, Andrew Yang, to collaborate with ELEMENTS. The mall had transformed into a magic world of imagination through an exclusive showcase of more than 100 Kouklitas Christmas Dolls created by Andrew Yang.


In order to build a strong linkage between ELEMETNTS and the artist, Andrew had custom-made 5 Kouklitas dolls according to the five zones of the mall namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each ELEMENTS doll was created with name, profile, and story for content marketing usage. Unique guerrilla program was arranged with models wearing the head of giant Kouklitas doll and interact with the consumer for photo-taking during the weekend. The Koulitas dolls have also visited various tourist attractions in Hong Kong during the promotion.


 A series of historical and collectible fashion dolls was also showcased in the mall which led customers on a journey back in time with fashion dolls from around the world.


There were a total of 153 pieces coverage generated with the advertising value equivalent to over HK$4.6 million for the campaign. It also won the silver award of The Best Experiential PR Campaign and the Bronze Award of The Outstanding Creative Event at PR Awards 2016 organized by Marketing Magazine.



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