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ELEMENTS is a pioneer shopping mall, which consists of art and culture, lifestyle and shopping elements. ELEMENTS would like to reinforce the luxurious lifestyle image and attract an affluent group in Hong Kong during the summer period. Chinese Lunar New Year is one of the significant festivals in Hong Kong, ELEMENTS would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with the shoppers and demonstrate its east-meets-west character. Meanwhile, 2014 was the 35th anniversary of MTR, the mother company of the mall. ELEMENTS wanted to engage the general public and celebrate the 35th anniversary of MTR in an arty way.

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Concept Development | Artist Collaboration Management | Public Relations | Event Management

To advocate the concept of the art and culture migrating with shopping experience, we have lined up an international renowned multi-media performing artist - Nick Cave to form collaboration with ELEMENTS. Nick Cave had tailor-made 18 “Horse soundsuit” as the first-of-a-kind lion-dance inspired from Chinese traditional and auspicious “horse dance” for ELEMENTS. To further enhance the fusion elements from The East and The West, we have also lined up a renowned local choreographer, Shing Mak to join with Nick Cave and his team, to re-choreographise the entire performance by incorporating Chinese culture. 8 remarkable guerilla shows were staged in mall, the soundsuits came out from different exits of the mall and dance gracefully towards Metal Zone to stage the HEARD dance. An special dance was also arranged at Hong Kong station during CNY where the Horse Soundsuits staged a performance at Art in MTR zone and then did a remarkable parade from Hong Kong station back to ELEMENTS mall.


With the creative and first-of-a-kind performance, the campaign not only generated over a hundred of stories with the advertising value equivalent to beyond HK$4 million, but also won various recognitions among the industry, including Best PR and Guerilla Marketing Campaign, Best Use of Malls or Shopping Centres as well as Best Event Ambience (Consumer) presented by The Marketing Events Award, which helped the mall reinforce its artistic positioning.



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