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The indoor area of Fashion Walk (Atrium) only allows a decoration setting within the size of 5M x 5m for Christmas. And Fashion Walk is combined of 4 streets with indoor and outdoor space without a visible boundary. The mall needs an edgy and unique Christmas concept to reach the fashion-forward, trend-setting and art exploring group so as to engage the target through a breath-taking experience that can stimulate their interest to take unconventional photo angles.

FW 2016
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Concept Development | Publicity | Event Management | Design and Production

A centralized theme of “Joy of Lights” was developed for 2016 Christmas campaign at Fashion Walk. We wanted to create an unconventional Christmas tree at Atrium that can bring out the lighting effects with some unique experience in an edgy way. We have invited a renowned international artist from Japan, KAZ SHIRANE, to collaborate with Fashion Walk. He has been famed for his interactive life-sized kaleidoscope space design, we worked with KAZ to transform his Origami Light Art Kaleidoscope design into a reflective Christmas tree installation named “Imaginative Christmas Tree”. The 4-meter height Christmas Tree art installation was made of 270 reflective surfaces without any pillar. Combining spectacular lighting and Christmas songs rearranged in upbeat fashion, consumers could get into a whimsical space and became the co-creator of the installation. Consumers could also capture a unique 360 picture with the built-in 360 photo technology, they could then post the images with reflective mirrors on their social media platforms to share the festive greeting.


We aligned Fashion Walk to collaborate with its tenants to stage a Christmas tree art installation parade along Paterson Street and Food Street. Each tree is dolled up geometrically with kaleidoscopes, reflective materials, and ornaments inspired from Kaz’s masterpiece at the Atrium. The Tree Parade has strategically linked up all the territories under the Fashion Walk footprint. 


Leverage on the pillar-less structure, we did a making-of video and shared with the electronic and online media for PR Pitching. There’re 160 pieces of PR stories generated from print (39 pieces), TV (5 clips), on-line (85 articles) and blogger write ups (20 articles). The installation and decoration at Atrium was well received and was heralded as the “Most Distinctive Christmas Tree” and “Best Festive Display in Hong Kong” by leading media in Hong Kong. Over 13,000 groups (or over 40,000 people) experienced the 360 photo shooting experience that was set inside the Imaginative Christmas Tree. There was constantly a long queue outside the tree. 



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