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“Race to Feed” is an annual fundraising event of Heifer Hong Kong which aims to engage the whole community to run for a good cause with the objective to let the participants to challenge themselves physically but also learn about the life-changing power of animals. Ever since the inception of the first “Race to Feed” in 2006, this fund raising event has raised over HK$45 million to help tens of thousands of poor farmers in rural China become self-reliant. The original format of “Race to Feed” 2006 to 2013 was a 10-people legged race which limited the number of participants due to the nature of the race format. In 2014, Heifer wanted to change the format of the race from legged race to a run-race so as to involve more participants. E’s Concept was appointed as the agency to handle the event and publicity of “Race to Feed” 2014.

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Run Management | Event Management | Publicity Management

Given Heifer is a NGO in Hong Kong and have no experience to handle any professional run, we have lined up Heifer to partner with Hong Kong Distance Runner Club (HKDC) for this particular project. We have worked with HKDC regarding the route plan, safety measurement, and crowd control management of the Run. New racing format was added to further increase public and community participation this year, including Individual “10K Run”, Corporate/ Organization “5K Group Run” and Family “3K Fun Run”.


Race to Feed 2014 was held at Plover Cove Reservoir in Tai Mei Tuk. Since the size of each zone of the venue is not so unified and is quite separated. We have provided consultation to work out the overall floorplan of the Race by identifying the stage area/ resting zone for participants/ race zone/ cheerleading zone/ VIP zone/ media zone. Much logistic work was needed to connect parties from different zones and let them have a total Run experience organized by Heifer. In addition to this, it’s also necessary for Heifer to display the logo of their sponsors in a prominent way along the running route. We have suggested to set up prominent flag display along the route of the start line and finish line of the run to maximize the exposure of sponsor’s logo. Moreover, it’s essential to enhance the overall brand exposure of Heifer during the run, we have also arranged more than 30 runners who dressed up in Heifer oriented outfits to kick start the family run with our Heifer mascot. The runners with Heifer outfits have turned out to be good cheerers to the participating runners along the route. Numerous side booths and photo taking booths were also arranged to engage with the runners.    


With the change of Racing format from legged race to an official run, there were over 1000 runners ran to support Heifer’s project and raised over HK$2.6 million to help thousands of poor farmers in Anhui, China become self-reliant. Over $1.5 million media coverage was generated from the event.



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