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Kee Wah Chinese Bridal Cake is one of the key product lines in Kee Wah Bakery. It aims to provide the authentic Chinese wedding cake for engaged couples. E’s Concept has been serving Kee Wah Bakery more than a decade, we found that Chinese Bridal Cake was positioned as an old-fashioned tradition among many young couples in early 2000’s. Hence, we have provided consultation and initiation on the brand strategy to revamp the image of Chinese Bridal Cake since 2004. We worked with Kee Wah hand in hand to change product packaging, shop front, publicity plan, promotional plan, and in-shop promotional materials, etc.

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Concept Development | Publicity | Media Placement | Celebrity Management | Event Management

In 2004, we proposed to Kee Wah to endorse a celebrity with young and refresh image – Annie Lau, as a consistent spokesperson of Kee Wah Chinese Bridal Cake. We believed the young, healthy and approachable image of Annie Lau could help to re-vitalize the image of Chinese Bridal Cake. At the same, we have devised “targeted” media strategy to reach the soon to married couples. Special media program and sponsorship program have been used to reach the soon to married brides. With the change of consumer behavior, we also shifted from traditional media to online-driven promotion which can reach more young brides in our media buying plan. For instance, ESDlife is one of key strategic media partners that help the brand to reach out of the targeted group throughout these years. We have also launched numerous on-line campaign with viral videos to reach the soon to married couple. In addition to this, we have also developed a series of PR activities, events and campaigns leveraging on the main communication theme of Bridal Cake TVCs such as 給女孩子一個家就是嫁/ 將我變成我們 throughout these years. We strongly believed that it’s important to derive 360 degree communication leveraging on the theme of our TVC campaign.


Moreover, we have successfully developed a celebrity sponsorship program for Kee Wah Bridal Cake. We have custom-made a personalized Bridal Cake sponsorship campaign for the wedding of Miriam Yeung and Real Ting in 2010. The sponsorship campaign was extremely successful, the modernized image of Chinese bridal cake has swept through the entertainment and influencers in Hong Kong. Ever since then, we kept on lining up numerous sponsorship for celebrity wedding via our network, such as Karen Mok, Gigi Leung, William So, Kary Ng, Myloie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Eliza Shum, Grace Wong, Leanne Li and Cho Nam, Toby Leung, etc, to sustain the brand awareness.


With countless effort made throughout the years, the old-fashioned image of Chinese Bridal Cake has been vanished and turn-around completely. Kee Wah Chinese Bridal Cake has been the bestselling Chinese wedding cake in the market for more than 10 years.



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