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Knorr of Unilever Food Solutions started in HK since 1957 with the launch of Knorr Chicken Powder (KCP). The brand and its hero product spread to Taiwan, China and SEA with Chinese chefs’ footprints who witnessed Chinese cuisine development in Asia.


Year 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Knorr in Hong Kong. Knorr would like to organize a memorable and engaging gala event for Chinese cuisine chefs from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. Knorr would like the guest chefs to feel prestigious and recognized through the gala event. In addition, the brand value of Knorr to “partner with Chinese chefs to preserve and pass on authentic taste and creativity” has to be reinforced.   

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Publicity | Event Management | Design and Production

We were appointed as the event agency for the gala event. We have developed and planned the overall gala event based on a centralized theme of “心火相傳 再創經典”. The overall event gimmicks were all developed leveraging on the centralized theme. Unilever also shared an insight that "all Chinese chefs found lack of recognitions from others", hence we developed a couple of engagement activities at the foyer area to show Knorr’s appreciation to Chinese chefs on their dedication and commitment to Chinese cuisine. These include:

  •   The Knorr 60th anniversary Chinese Chef Honorary Award Ceremony: Knorr has presented a personalized award to each participating    chef

  •   The Honorable Red Carpet: Chefs were invited to walk through a long corridor of red carpet to the Award Presentation zone under the      skyline of Hong Kong. Each chef was treated like the Star of the red carpet in that section

  •   The Respectable Chinese Chef’s Walk of Fame: a personalized golden star engraved with the name and restaurant of each guest chef      was presented to each chef. All chefs were invited to stick their own star on the tailor-made star pavilion to re-create the Chinese            Chef’s Walk of Fame. Instant photo taking service was arranged for the guest chefs to capture this remarkable moment as well


The overall stage program was strategically designed to communicate the central theme of心火相傳 再創經典 under four main pillars of “Chef’s Passion on Taste”, “Chef’s Passion on Signature Dish”, “Chef’s Passion on Cooking” as well as “Chef’s Passion on Passing On”. Different animation videos and stage rundown were developed to echo the content of each pillar. The gala event was wrapped up by a special pledge ceremony with the joint force of global management team of Knorr and Unilever and the Chinese Chefs, which aimed to work hand in hand to preserve their passion to raise the overall standard of Chinese cuisine.    


All the 160 guest chefs from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore were fascinated on the overall engagement and program rundown of the gala event. The post event survey indicated that 89% of the guest chefs were extremely satisfied while 11% were satisfied on the overall arrangement of the gala event. In addition, 86% of guest chefs claimed and agreed that Knorr has been working hand in hand with Chinese chef to preserve and pass on authentic taste and creativity. We also received 100% download rate of post event photos through the event mobile apps, this proved that the chefs were highly engaged of this gala event. 


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