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M&M’s celebrated the grand opening of its first M&M’s World® store in Asia – M&M’s World® Shanghai – on vibrant East Nanjing Road on August 2014. Spanning two floors of colorful, chocolate fun, the store offers M&M's Chocolate Candies in 22 colors with a wide range of M&M's merchandise, including apparel, kitchenware, plush and Shanghai- and China-themed M&M’s branded products. M&M’s also arranged Eason Chan to be the spokesperson and celebrity to officiate the grand opening. M&M’s Hong Kong team would like to leverage on the launch of M&M’s World in Shanghai plus the use of Eason Chan to stir up some interest among the media in Hong Kong under a super tight budget.


Publicity | Event Management | Design and Production

E’s Concept prioritized that feature media in Hong Kong would be the main focus to drive quality PR coverage than entertainment media for a project like this. In view of the limited budget of the project, we had screened and selected 1x magazine title (U Magazine) and 1x daily (ODN feature page) to fly over to Shanghai with a local photographer. We aimed to use the detail feature story from U Magazine and ODN to drive initial interest of the launch of M&M’s World and then disseminated a detail feature release to all feature media in Hong Kong. An additional release leveraging on Eason Chan as the store manager of M&M’s World was also disseminated to entertainment media.


Various media angles were further identified to generate media interest for the grand opening:

  •   The store combined iconic Chinese landmarks with cultural elements which included the Great Wall of Chocolate being wrapped in the    world’s largest Candy Wall, a statue of M&M’s Yellow dressed in Panda look, and different M&M’s characters dressed in Terra Cotta          Warriors and Kung Fu characters.

  •   A new destination to go in Shanghai with loads of selfie and crazy photo taking opportunities featuring M&M’s

  •   The coolest candyland with the World’s largest candy wall

  •   First ever M&M’s World in Asia with live performances of M&M’s mascots

  •   Full of collectable and fun-loving M&M’s merchandizes for any occasions

  •   Dress in style with M&M’s apparels 


A magazine cover page with 3x DPS editorial content was negotiated with U Magazine while a full page editorial content at ODD + full page at The Sun + 1x short video was also arranged with ODN team. The overall feature release also allowed us to gain coverage at overall feature page, travel feature, fashion feature, lifestyle page, & etc in Hong Kong.


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