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Since making its debut in early 1970’s in Hong Kong, M&M's has been one of Hong Kong's most recognizable candies for a few decades. The brand turned 75 globally in year 2016. M&M's launched the retro packaging from the 1940s through the 1990s for its peanut and plain varieties in celebration of its 75th anniversary. The retro packaging came in a box set format featuring the evolution of Red and Yellow mascot throughout all these years. M&M’s Hong Kong appointed E’s Concept to handle pre-launch publicity program to generate media awareness of the new retro pack and the 75th anniversary campaign.

M&M's 75
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Concept Development | Publicity | Media Office Visit | Event Management 

E’s Concept arranged a series of media office visits to stir up interest on the 75th anniversary of M&M’s. We have strategically lined up with three newspaper channels, seven magazine channels and one on-line channel for the office visit.  In order to generate media excitement on the new M&M’s retro pack, we have created many jumbo size packs full of M&M’s goodies as a special gift for the media. We have transformed the office of the media outlet into a M&M’s 75th party zone by introducing a series of M&M’s games leveraging on the giant retro pack. We have also trained the Red Mascot and Yellow Mascot to stage a birthday dance and invite the editors, reporters and media staff to join us for the dance. Some custom-made party props related to M&M’s 75th anniversary are used to generate excitement.        


The editors and reporters are excited about the media office visit. They shared that the M&M’s party provided a chance for them to have some fun in the office environment and the overall rundown and arrangement of the party are much appreciated by the editor. More than 40 stories are generated from the 3-day media visit at print, social media, on-line and electronic level.



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