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SNICKERS® is an international legendary chocolate brand under Mars group, which is the world's best-selling candy bar. In order to enhance the brand awareness among Hong Kong public, deliver the compelling brand story of “You are not you when you are hungry” (YNYWYH) and bring the brand benefit to life in different touchpoints of Standard Chartered Marathon Platform, SNICKERS® arranged an event sponsorship for Standard Chartered Marathon since 2014, which is the largest community and sports activity in Hong Kong to reach the mass.

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Concept Development | Publicity | Artist Collaboration | Event Management 

E’s Concept was appointed as the event management agency for Snickers’ event sponsorship related to Standard Charter Marathon 2015, this included a series of events of the actual Marathon day, the Marathon Carnival held one week before the Marathon day as well as the running class organised from Nov 2014 to Jan 2015.

Channel #1: Snickers Running Class

Being one of the sponsors of Marathon, it was a challenge to stand out from other sponsored brands in a clutter environment. To provide a holistic customer journey, a 10-session running class was organized 2 months before the Marathon. Snickers outfits, accessories and candy bars were given to the running team during the running sessions. A special SNICKERS® running team was formed as a result of the running class, the running team was also invited to join the Snickers booth of Marathon Carnival so Snickers got a chance to engage with the runners and drive further brand awareness before the actual run.


Channel #2: the Marathon Carnival

We have also worked hands in hands with Snickers brand team to map out a storytelling adventure for the carnival. In order to dramatize the brand story of “You are not you when you are hungry”, all participants were invited to have different types of hungry experience or play some hungry triggered games in order to get the Snickers candy bars and souvenirs. The experience journey also aimed to build up fun and energetic image of Snickers. A series of eye-catching mascots to dramatize the brand story also showed up at the carnival to interact with the runners and the public. The booth turned out to be the most welcomed one in the carnival and left a strong impression to the public. 


Channel #3: The Marathon Day

After three months of preparation, 130 SNICKERS® runners all dressed in a tailor-made outfit that communicated the Hunger Satisfying messages. Two spectacular mascots, Slow Moving Tortoise (representing one would do things slowly if he’s hungry) and Angry Dinosaur (representing one would get angry if he’s hungry) plus 2 Gigantic Snickers Mascots also joined the SNICKERS® running team for 10km race. They not only cheered up the runners, but also grabbed media’s attention and coverage according to our strategic plan. We have also engaged with the runners after the race at Causeway Bay Sports Ground with various types of photo props and SNICKERS® bar as a recharge and reinforced the Hunger Satisfying messages.


The largest cheering team by Mars Associates was also organized at a number of vital touchpoints to show support to marathon runners, which helped enhance the branding along the route at the same time. Branded cheering sticks, photo props and photo frames were provided for the public to take photos and cheer up and get reach of the general public.


With unique fun images and active participation in the 10km race , all SNICKERS® bars, Slow Tortoise and Angry Dinosaur Mascots and the Gigantic Snickers mascots grabbed not only the participant’s attention, but also successfully generated a number of media coverages. Over $100,000 media value was generated from the event.  Over 10,000 photos were taken with the public at the Snickers zone with prominent branding props and Snickers Hunger Satisfying message. Over 45,000 Snickers candy bars were distributed on the Marathon Day.  The overall reach has also expanded from the event to the social media platform, which not only enhanced the brand awareness, but also reinforced the brand’s fun image.


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