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THE FOREST is a newly developed shopping mall located at the historical landmark of an vogue footwear – Sneaker Street of MongKok, where is the first-ever wellness hub in Hong Kong. THE FOREST would like to advocate the wellness Christmas in Hong Kong as a consumer engagement campaign for the mall.


Concept Development | Design and Production | Event Management

We introduced the hottest Danish wellness trend - Hygge to the mall, which could reinforce the mall's wellness positioning. We transformed the concept into a Christmas Campaign to generated awareness about the launch of the mall. A 4-meter tall Christmas tree made with wood to feature the Hygge essence along side with a green grass alphabetical block to bolster the branding. All the in-mall Christmas decorations were also developed and strongly linked with Hygge elements to embrace the cozy atmosphere and spread throughout the mall. A VIP party was also held to kick-off the campaign with more than 200 VIP guests and strategic partner served.


The first-ever Hygge Mart in Hong Kong was held to sustain the momentum. Tenants were invited to have a pop-up store at the Hygge-themed cart to showcase their merchandise and flare up the spending during the festive season. 


With the introduction of the hottest wellness trend and the stylish Christmas decorations, the mall successfully whipped up the awareness. The Facebook page has significantly increased over 500%.  Many passers-by were attracted by the extraordinary sparkling Christmas tree and refresh letterblock and all of them were keen to take photos with the Hygge Christmas decoration set. The Hygge mart was welcomed by the tenants. The newly infused concept also appealed to the outside shops to join the Hygge mart and operate their own pop-up store. 

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