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Founded in 1862, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. Being a brand to grow with Hong Kong citizen, Towngas planned to launch multiple campaigns to celebrate with the general public. We were commissioned as the sole agency handling the PR (off-line and on-line) and BTL promotion. One of the major campaigns to celebrate 150th Anniversary is the 360-degree Pit Cover promotion campaign.


Concept Development | Publicity | Exhibition | Event Management | Advertising | Design and Production | Website Development | Mobile App | Facebook Management

We identified that the original rectangular shape of pit covers in Hong Kong were engraved with Towngas’ name, which are unique and special to Towngas. Hence we suggested Towngas to leverage on the popularity of global pit cover art to reinforce its unique feature. The pit cover campaign was divided into two phrases. Considering Townas has been growing with Hong Kong, we would like to get the public involved in the 150th anniversary celebration. Therefore, we have organized a pit cover design contest and invited all the public to join and design their own pit cover as the first-phrase promotion. We then initiated a number of local artists and illustrators, like Kan Tai Keung, Stanley Wong, Siu Hak, Freeman Lau, Chocolate Rain, Graphic Airlines, Carrie Chau, McDull, etc, to help develop exclusive pit cover designs for our campaign. All designs from local designers plus the winning design from public contest were transformed into a real pit cover and installed at 150 different locations in Hong Kong, the tailor-made pit cover design became a new landmark of Hong Kong.


At the same time, we have also held an exhibition at Metro City Plaza to showcase the pit cover created by the local artists, illustrators as well as the pit cover design in Japan and Italy. To further promote the pit cover art, we have lined up an Australian artist and named Remo Camerota, who was devoted to pit cover art in Japan to create a pit cover design and attend our pit cover exhibition held in Oct. During the exhibition, Remo hosted several sessions to share more about pit cover art in the world.


A pit cover hunting and photo contest was held right after the exhibition to sustain the momentum. All the public were invited to find those 150 pit covers and take a photo via a tailor-made mobile app and mini-site. A series of print advertisement and online promotions were also arranged to create excitement and enhance awareness.


The Pit cover campaign has attracted more than 30,000 people to visit the exhibition and over 300 people to attend the photo contest. The campaign also resulted in quality PR coverage, by 4 full-page print coverage from Apple Daily, SingTao Daily, MingPao Daily, China Daily plus more than 91 pieces with the advertising value equivalent to HK$ 2,589,115.​


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