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UNICEF Charity Run, organized by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF HK) and supported by the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association (HKAAA). It is an annual flagship fundraising event for UNICEF HK and recognized by AIMS and HKAAA as the second largest long-distance running event in Hong Kong. It aims to raise fund to support UNICEF's global campaign in developing countries to eliminate the mother-to-child transmission of HIV. We were appointed as the corporate relay secretariat of UNICEF Charity Run 2016 responsible for managing the corporate relay.


Run Management | Hospitality | Training Workshop

We were appointed as the corporate relay secretariat of UNICEF Charity Run 2016, which was responsible for managing the corporate relay from the pre-run preparation to on-site hospitality


Corporate Relay Team Registration: As the secretariat, we worked with corporate coordinators on relay team registration and handle the enquiries from each corporate team before the run.

Training Workshops Management: In order to engage the corporate runners and enhance their commitment, a 10-session of training workshop was arranged for the runners hosted by a professional coach from HKAAA. A pre-run briefing was also held one week before the run to build up the momentum and ignite their excitement. We have also prepared a comprehensive briefing deck to each runner to show full support from UNICEF.

Onsite Event Day Management:We have also arranged five shuttle buses for the corporate teams to transport them and their baggage to the designated hospitality booth, start point and relay zone directly. ​We have also worked with UNICEF to arrange a series of photo-taking opportunities to engage the runner after run.

Post event Arrangement: After the run, we selected and shortlisted photos for each team and sent a thank you pack to each team to show appreciation from UNICEF.


We have successfully engaged over 30 companies to join the corporate relay, which was the highest participation rate over the years. All the teams were very satisfied with pre-run arrangement and the on-site hospitality. Many of them immediately expressed their interest to join the relay again 2017.   

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